Why Erectile Dysfunction is the most common problem in men?

Why Erectile Dysfunction is the most common problem in men

If you’re a man and in your mid-thirties or above 60, you may witness a change in your sexual performance (Erectile Dysfunction) with growing age. It’s not like you’ll lose the ability to perform well but you may have some sexual problems due to one or more reasons. To be precise, the commonly known sexual problems in men include impotence (Erectile Dysfunction), Premature Ejaculation, low libido, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, and so on.

Men may not discuss this openly as they feel shy but there comes a point in life when they want to get rid of it. If you feel like there is trouble in your sexual intercourse and there is something that backs you from reaching a satisfactory climax, it is better to consult the doctor without any delay. Remember that delaying consultation is delaying cure and sometimes the sexual issues reach the point where it takes time to cure it.

Let’s have a look at the three causes which are responsible for erectile dysfunction problem in men.

3 Situations that Trigger Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Physical Problems

When your health conditions decline, the effect is also observed in your sexual life. You can compare your sexual performance when you got intimate initially till now & you’ll figure out what’s wrong. The increased weight, diseases like diabetes, or severe health issues like heart problems, kidney and liver problems, eye problems, blood pressure problems, and more are the physical issues that hinder your exercising capability.

In your mid-thirties, early-forties, or sixties, your health conditions will not be the same. It’s well and good if you don’t have any critical health issues and do every possible effort to stay fit.

Traumatic Lifestyle

You’re stressed with your job and personal life. The hectic work schedule causes stress, frustration, and anxiety. Sometimes depression also plays a key role in diverting the focus from sexual activity. The stress does not let you perform longer during sex and you’re left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. When these become repeated occurrences, you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction problems.

Not being able to give 100% during sex

Lack of focus due to physical or psychological problems back you from giving 100% during sex. When the mind is diverted and your head is full of thoughts, you don’t feel relaxed. You may find difficulty in gaining a harder erection as desired for satisfactory sexual intercourse and hence your partner often complaints regarding this which puts you in doubt even more.

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