Tadalista 5 Mg

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Tadalista 5 Mg


Erectile dysfunction

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5 Mg

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Tadalista 5Mg

Tadalista 5 Mg


Buy Tadalista 5 mg Online

Buy Tadalista 5 mg if you have been prescribed by the doctor to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men (also known as impotence in men). Tadalista 5 is a mild initial dosage also used to treat the symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension. The medicine is used to treat the softer erection which is one of the major causes of dissatisfied sex. It helps to attain a harder erection and increases the playtime during sex.

The effectiveness of Comprar Tadalista 5 mg lasts for around 36 hours and so it is also known as ‘weekend pill’. It is recommended to buy Tadalista 5 online if you have the prescription as the medicine may have adverse effects on the patients, depending on certain physical or psychological conditions.

How does Tadalista 5 Mg work?

The basic function of Tadalista 5 Mg is to relax the smooth muscles around the pelvic organs and boost the blood flow inside the penis. Tadalafil breaks down the cycle of cGMP and reduces the stress of the patient which in turn helps to attain a harder erection for a longer duration, lasting around 4 hours.

How to take Tadalista 5 Mg?

Tadalista 5 Mg dosage should be taken as one oral dosage per day with a glass of water. The medicine may be taken before or after meals but the consumption of alcohol or grapefruit juice should be avoided. Tadalista 5 may be taken before 30 minutes to 1 hour of the sexual intercourse & the medicine starts showing its effectiveness within 30 to 50 minutes of its consumption. The patient should be sexually stimulated for the medicine to come into its effectiveness.


  • This medicine is strictly for the use of men between 18 to 45 years of age and not for women or children below the specified age. Consult your doctor first for correct dosage guidance, warnings & precautions to be considered.
  • Tadalafil may react with the active ingredients of other medicines so the patient’s current medications and medical conditions should be clearly discussed with the doctor along in order to avoid any serious side effects.

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  1. Upasna

    Company had super fast shipping, excellent customer service and very responsive in answering your questions. You get updates on the status of your order. Will absolutely order again. Thanks!

  2. James Lloyd

    Really this product is amazing!!! Have ordered from this company several times and have never had a problem with products and with this pharmacy also.

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