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Careprost Eye Drop

Careprost Eye Drop


Long and thick lashes have changed the paradigm of beauty. They look beautiful and make your eyes appear bigger and more attractive. Some lucky women are just blessed with long, luscious, and dark eyelashes. And then there are others who are born with light or close-to-none eyelids. To make up for the mistake of god, these women then resort to various salon visits, falsies, coats of mascara, lash extensions and sometimes even go to the extent of getting cosmetic surgery to get their eyelash game strong.

We can`t think of a single person who exists on this planet and doesn`t want longer and fuller lashes. Unfortunately, applying chemical-based products or parlor visits can cost you bomb. While lash extensions can be a temporary solution, many women can`t afford expensive visits to a parlor to get it redone in a few weeks. The ideal solution when it comes to lashes would be to have your eyelashes be long, thick, and voluminous.

So if you have been thinking of growing out your lashes naturally and have searched the internet for all the so-called home remedies, here is a fact check for you! Although, there are so many natural ingredients like castor oil, Vitamin E, and coconut oil that can help you hydrate and condition your lashes naturally, technically they won`t make them grow as quick as Careprost eye drops. If you have given up your hopes to get naturally long and thick eyelashes, you can read Careprost reviews to know the medicine in a better way.

Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution helps to strengthen your lashes, prevent them from breaking and falling out and make them thicker within a specified period. Not only can that, but Careprost eye drops also help to treat Glaucoma. There could be many hereditary factors due to which the thinning of lashes may occur. Factors like stress, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, and dryness on the lids and aging can cause fall out of eyelashes.

What is Careprost eye drops?

Careprost consists of Bimatoprost around 0.03% which is a prostaglandin analog and is known as an ocular hypotensive drug, and while used predominantly for the treatment of glaucoma, it is famous for its cosmetic use as an enhancer of eyelash growth.  This solution has certain properties which also make it useful as a cosmetic solution to promote the growth of longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.

Manufactured and produced by Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd, which is leading pharmaceuticals in India, Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution was developed in the world-class, fully equipped labs. Careprost eye drops are a clinically tested medication, which is approved by the FDA and was developed to treat the patients who are suffering from eye-problems like intraocular hypertension and open-angular glaucoma.

Reliable and trustworthy, these eye drops helps to lower the fluid pressure in the eyes and effectively helps to grow eyelashes.

How does Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution to treat Glaucoma & aid to grow eyelashes?

Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is an eyedrop medication that comes with a concentration of 0.03% bimatoprost, which belongs to the prostaglandin analog class of medicines. It soothes the eyes of patients who are suffering from open-angular glaucoma or intraocular hypertension.

Our eyes are generally covered with a layer of liquid which transparent and known as aqueous humor. To keep the eyes moist and healthy, the liquid is produced and drained regularly. The problem arises when the fluid is not drained as quickly as it should because the pressure of liquid starts building up and eventually damage the optic nerve. The condition where the optic nerve gets degenerated is called Glaucoma.

Careprost Eye Drops speed up the drainage of the aqueous humor, thus decreasing the pressure in the eyes. It is a potent remedy for reducing eye pressure. Careprost is an engineered prostamide, fundamentally like prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α), which does not work through known prostaglandin receptors. It is being utilized extensively for lowering down the intraocular pressure (IOP) within Glaucoma. For more information, you can read Careprost reviews to understand this eye drop in a better way.

How to apply Careprost eyelash on eyes?

Careprost eye drops come with an applicator or brush that can be applied to your eyelash using the Bimatoprost formula. Before applying Careprost or putting it in the eyes, make sure you wash your hands as well as your eyes. If you wear contact lenses remove them along with eye make-up such as mascara, eyeliner, and kohl.

Take a drop of this solution on the applicator that comes with Careprost or you can use a sterile brush and draw a line alongside your upper eyelid. Repeat the same step on your other eye. Do not worry if the medicine goes inside your eyes. However, Careprost eyelash falls on any other parts of the body such as hands or cheeks, wipe it away, immediately, as it might promote hair growth in that particular area.

Always remember to apply this solution to the upper eyelashes. Do not apply it to the lower eyelashes. Although you can apply Careprost eyedrops during the anytime of the day, it is highly recommended to apply this remedy in the evening before you go to sleep, as this will allow your eyes to absorb the medicine without any hindrance.

The medication Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution comes in various dosages and varied forms. However, always consult with your doctor before using it, as the frequency can be best determined by the specialist after the careful assessment of your individual eye condition. Apply this remedy once in a day. Do read Careprost reviews to know more about its miraculous mechanism that helps to grow your lashes longer.

For how long the Careprost eyedrops will remain effective?

  1. The results will be visible after 3 to 4 weeks for regular application. The desired results will be expected by the 12th to 14th week of use.
  2. It is recommended to use every alternative day to maintain the desired growth.
  3. So if you are considering Careprost eye drops, you must have patience as it requires continuous use to remain effective.
  4. If you discontinue the use, your eyelashes will return to its previous states within a few weeks of discontinuation.
  5. It is a highly recommended and useful product for encouraging the growth of eyelashes.

What are the Careprost side-effects?

Approved by FDA and medically tested, Careprost eyedrops are deemed safe and a reliable medication that can be used by anyone who is above 18 years. However, the medicine may have distinct side-effects on a few individuals, depending upon their body.

The Careprost side-effects are however meant to be temporary. They will fade away once your body will get accustomed to it. If these symptoms persist for a longer time than said, one must seek a doctor`s help immediately. Some of the Careprost side-effects are mentioned below:

  1. Vision Loss or Blindness
  2. Blurry Vision
  3. Double Vision
  4. Color change in Vision
  5. Change in Eye Color
  6. Eye discharge
  7. Mild to severe Headache
  8. Increasing Hair Growth
  9. Burning or Itching sensation of eyes
  10. Redness or irritation in the eyes
  11. Swollen Eyes
  12. Pain in the eyes
  13. Headache
  14. Loss of voice
  15. Body aches
  16. Red eyes
  17. Itching in the eyes
  18. Weakness
  19. Night Blindness
  20. Common Cold

What are precautionary measures one must take while using Careprost eyelash?

  1. If you use this solution for a long period of time, your eyelids and the skin around your eyelashes may become darker in color. It’s going to go back to normal after you stop using it, usually within a few weeks or a month or two.
  2. Please do not use the Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum if you have experienced hives, rashes, or swelling, or any such allergic reaction when you have used eye drops in the past.
  3. If the Bimatoprost solution falls on other parts of your body, you are likely to see the growth of your hair. You can prevent this from happening by wiping off the solution immediately after it falls.
  4. Continued use of the drops may darken your iris. It’s a permanent effect, often. If you continue to use this solution without any gaps, your iris may darken, and because it is a permanent effect, we recommend that you use this solution only as long as your doctor has asked you to do so.
  5. It is preferred if you wash your hands and face before using Careprost Eye drops. It is mandatory to remove any sort of eye makeup and contact lenses before using this medication.
  6. Do not use this medication if you have any cardiovascular, lung, kidney diseases.
  7. If you ever had a cataract operation or surgery, avoid using this medicine.
  8. New mothers who breastfeed their babies should not use Careprost eye drops.
  9. To prevent irritation and side effects, it is crucial to remove the excess eye drops from your eyelashes. The eye drops can enter the eye and cause redness and slightly blurry vision. It is better to avoid letting the excess to get into the eyes.

How to store a Careprost eyelash enhancer?

Careprost eye drops should always be stored in a cool and dry place. The temperature should not exceed above 25 degrees Celsius. You should never replace the bottle top for preventing the contamination of the fluid. Discard the medicine after four weeks of opening the bottle. Never use eye drops more than the prescribed limits. Since it is increasingly utilized for the treatment of eyelashes, you can apply this medication to your lashes using the applicator brush.

You can buy Careprost online by simply clicking from the comfort of your home. In this pandemic, we are strictly following the norms of hygiene to deliver each and every order. Place your order with us and you can get original products at a great price. When buying medicine, always ensure that you are purchasing it from a genuine pharmaceutical. So what are you waiting for? Order Careprost online now!


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