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How to Improve Your Married Sex Life?

How to Improve Your Married Sex Life?

As soon as you get married, your sex life starts to seem dull. Sex life should always be passionate, fun & fulfilling – said no one ever. Just like every married couple, if you’re secretly wishing for improving your married sex life. Adopting small changes can help you have better sexual experiences. Practice some new techniques and you’ll move closer to your partner.

We’re sharing a few tips for improving your sex drive.

  1. Communication is the key

Talk as much as you can. It need not be about sex always. You can just talk about things you both like or anything else. Be brutally honest and vulnerable whenever you like. Tell your partner how you feel about each other and never stop showing love.

  1. Flirt with your partner

Flirting seems optional after getting married. Don’t think so. Send her signals throughout the day and lure your partner like you’re giving signals for foreplay. Wrap her in your arms and let her know she is desirable. Call her during the afternoon and tell her you’re thinking about her. Even if you make little effort, it’ll count.

  1. Touch them more often

Cuddle and warm up each other. Touching your wife may seem outdated and not so needful. But it can spice things up as you can never imagine. Hug her from behind while she is working in the kitchen. Give her a neck and back massage after the long tiring day. The logic is simple – if you need her attention then touch her more often. Touch is a kind of physical connection that builds trust and encourages vulnerability. The deeper your physical affection, the stronger your sex life will be.

  1. Shuffle things up

The goal is to not let your sex drive boring. If you’re a male and willing to experiment with your sex life then male enhancer drugs are the best take. For instance, Cenforce D, Big Fun, Malegra 25, Suhagra, Kamagra, Tadalista, Vidalista, etc help men extend sexual intimacies. Try to shuffle things up and never let your sex drive boring. Some couples are open and discuss their needs while others are too shy.

  1. Get fit together

Do you know? If you stay fit together and feel better physically then you’ll be attractive together. Over the top, it’ll uplift your spirits. Moreover, both of you will have a positive mindset and a passionate feeling for each other. A body in motion will allow you to stay in motion.

  1. Say NO to Porn

Many couples think that watching porn together can help alleviate sexual experiences but it isn’t so. However, couples realize later that porn addiction only leads to distrust whereas trust and connection are most important for any relationship. It is not possible to connect when you’re looking at a blue film that is so unrealistic. Thus, it is important to learn each other’s needs and focus on each other instead of looking at the screen.

Consider it as a warning – stop looking at your screen and focus on your wife!

  1. Schedule sexual intimacy

Sex is expected to be spontaneous. In the daily hustle-bustle, family schedules, and kids, you’re more likely to get unromantic. Sex is like working out and when you do it consistently, you’ll want to do it more. Opposite to this, if you don’t allocate time and spend time watching TV then the essentials will be left out. The bottom line is to schedule your sexual intimacy instead of complaining later.

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