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Generic Levitra is harmful to Women – Here’s why!

Generic Levitra is harmful to Women - Here's why!

Generic Levitra is a widely known and tested drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains vardenafil as the main active ingredient that is considered to work like a charm in ED disorder. ED disorder is quite common among old-age males but it is increasing among adult males also. It is a condition wherein the men can’t get or sustain the firm erection and therefore don’t have the desired sexual performance.

Generic Levitra increases the blood flow to the penis and thus helps in maintaining a firm erection required for sexual stimulation. It relaxes the muscle and blood vessel arteries that transmit the blood to the penis. As the penis is supplied with adequate blood it gets harder and intact for a longer period.

Generic Levitra is only advisable to be used by men, it isn’t recommended for women or children. It is only advisable to be used by males above 18 years of age.

Generic Levitra for Women?

Medicines like generic Sildenafil, generic Viagra (Cenforce, Fildena), generic Levitra (Vilitra), Tadagra tablets are well known, trusted, and medically approved used for treating ED disorder in males. It is strictly prohibited to be used by women or children as it may lead to severe harmful effects on health. With the increase in demand and popularity of this drug among men, companies have also started creating the same sexual dysfunction medicines for women also.

One must not undertake this medicine as an alternative for treating sexual disorders among women, as these medicines are specially designed and tested to treat the disorder among males only. You should always consult your doctor for a prescription and the right amount of dosage for medicines that treat sexual disorders among women. Women-centric medicines like Flibanserin, Addyi, Bremenalotide, Vyleesi are known to cure the disorder effectively rather than taking male-centric medicine.

Why women should not take ED medicines?

Women’s sexual arousal disorder is different than male erectile dysfunction disorder. For a long time, many scientists believed that generic Levitra can also be used by women for arousal disorder. But it is different from these medicines and their side-effects are only tested on males and not on women. These medicines may not help you get the desired result and may harm you in serious ways if taken without proper consultation of a doctor.

Women must not take erectile dysfunction medication as their biological structure is different from their male counterparts. ED medicines are tested to give desired results in males only, and their consumption by women or children can cause harmful side effects. ED medicines may cause permanent and irreversible damage to women if taken without consulting the doctor. It may cause severe heart-related problems and difficulties in breathing. These medicines’ side effects must be considered before taking any medication.

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