Can A 30-Year-Old Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Can A 30-Year-Old Have Erectile Dysfunction?

It is possible to experience mild, moderate, or complete erectile dysfunction at any age. A study in 2004 found out that from 27,000 men suffering from ED, 11 percent of men in their 30s had ED. It has also been found that 17 percent of men in their 40’s experience at least mild symptoms of ED.

Why does the risk of ED increase with age?

One of the main reasons why the risk of ED increases with age is because erectile function depends on bodily systems that tend to change with age. For example, an enlarged prostate is common among older men and is one of the contributors to ED and ejaculation problems.

Advancing age is also associated with lower levels of testosterone, an important hormone in male sexual function, and poorer circulation, which can affect erectile function.

Physical Causes of ED

Among younger men, the common causes of ED are often related to lifestyle and general health. Some of these factors include:

Obesity increases the risk of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol. Each of these conditions can lead to ED.

Smoking can damage blood vessels, making it difficult to get an erection.

Alcohol can reduce blood flow which can disrupt the functions of the penis.

Sedentary lifestyle. A 2012 study shows that men under 40, those who were sedentary were more likely to experience ED than those who were active.

Other physical causes can include high blood pressure and hormonal disorders such as low testosterone.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can also be caused by mental or emotional issues, such as:




Relationship problems

These issues can affect your hormones and nervous system, which play very important roles in achieving and maintaining an erection. Performance anxiety can also cause ED, especially if you have experienced ED previously and are worried about it happening again.

Getting Treatment

Regardless of the cause, mild and moderate ED is usually treatable with the medicines and some healthy lifestyle changes. If you experience ED occasionally or frequently, let your doctor know. Open up to your doctor about:

Your sexual history

Your recent sexual activity

Any relationship problems you may be having

Questions about your physical and mental health

Prescription Medications

First-line treatments for ED include oral medications, such as Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Vidalista 20, and Tadarise in India, these medications are available only by prescription and should be taken as when and how directed by the doctor.

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