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7 Mind-Blowing Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Mind-Blowing Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Many couples finish sex much before they expect it. Why does it happen? What are some ways you can extend your sexual intimacies for a longer time? A lot of prescription treatments as well as tips and tricks are available that will help you and your partner to enjoy to the fullest without coming early.

We’re sharing some amazing tricks. Have a look & give them a try just in case if you’re missing out on them. By the time you’ll end up reading this, you’ll be uncovering some erotic & much-needed secrets for longer playtime.

7 to-dos to Last Longer During Sex

  1. Engage more in Foreplay

Foreplay is an underrated part of sex. It is one of the most enjoyable parts you should do right by carrying out longer. Surprisingly, engaging more in foreplay increases your overall duration of sexual intercourse.

  1. Build control throughout sexual intimacy

Try to squeeze your penis head for 10-20 seconds right before you’re about to come. Take a deep breath before resuming. This technique will help you build control & extend your sexual intimacies for longer playtime.

  1. Take mental breaks during sex

Once you’ve achieved the desired hardness of erections & you want to enjoy a longer romancing session, distract yourself. Think about something else. Such mental breaks will keep you going.

  1. Practice masturbating regularly

You won’t believe it, but regular masturbation is just a way to build healthy stamina & it greatly impacts your sexual performance. Feel free to masturbate regularly as it will boost your intimate life enjoyments.

  1. Switch positions

Get your hands on some erotic positions you haven’t tried before. Take it slow & measured and make sure you both are having fun. This will reduce stimulation of the penis tip and you’ll be making love for a long time.

  1. Use sexual performance enhancer pills

ED pills like Fildena, Kamagra, Malegra, Suhagra, Vidalista, etc. are sexual performance enhancers. They’ll help you last for around 4 to 5 hours with reduced refractory duration. So, if you want to impress your partner, don’t forget to try ED pills. But, do it only after consulting your doctor.

  1. Introduce new stuff to your bedroom

If you’ve been getting intimate with your partner, in the same way, all the time, it also impacts how long your playtime will last. Impress your partner with an innovative take on sex from time to time. You may try sex toys, talk dirty, and do things that you haven’t done before.

Which of these tips would you try first? Whichever you do, they’ll surely turn your night more exciting and full of romance, of course!

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