5 Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men!

5 Factors That Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men!

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder in men. But ironically, men do not want to talk about this most important thing that can impact directly their romantic relationship. If you too are suffering from erection problems, worry not! You are not alone!

Male impotency or erectile dysfunction occurs because of a variety of factors. Sometimes, it psychological, other times it could be physiological. There could be many factors behind erectile dysfunction and today, we are going to cast some light on it.


Our brain is the most overlooked erogenous zone. The stimulation first occurs in our brain and works its way down. Hence, depression can play an important role to undermine your sexual excitement. It can dampen your libido and can lead to erectile dysfunction. Apparently, anti-depressant pills can also suppress your sexual drive, making it harder for you to get an erection.

However, if you are using an ED drug like Filagra or Filagra 100 it is used in the treatment of hypertension as well. Filagra is a high potential medicine that consists of Sildenafil Citrate which helps men to attain erection during physical intercourse.


You might have heard this lot of times, but overindulgence in alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction. Though you might think that a couple of drinks wouldn`t hurt, too much consumption could make it harder for you to finish the act. The good news is that moderate drinking — one or two drinks a day — might have health benefits like reducing heart disease risks.┬áHence, keep the act balanced and you are good to go!


Every medicine comes with a side-effect and if you are taking a few pills related to blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and pain medications, it might affect your ability to gain an erection. But do not stop taking medicines without consulting your doctor. You can also talk with your doctor about taking ED drugs like Filagra 100 that can be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Anger is an emotion and can be healthy if used tactfully! But most of the time it does more harm than good. Anger can make blood rush to your face, but not to the one place where you need it the most when you want to have sex. Unexpressed anger or bad anger management could also be the reason behind your dull bedroom story.


Sometimes the anxiety and pressure to perform can also lead to erectile dysfunction. These days, it is very common in men and could be one of the top three reasons why you or your partner is not able to perform in bed. Hence, it is important that you communicate with your partner.

Why not keep all the above-mentioned factors in check for a healthy sexual relationship with your partner? You can also order Filagra from our e-pharmacy store! Order now!

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